Why Ekkamai Makes for The Ideal Coworking Base

To cater to the growing demand for coworking space in and around Bangkok, Mashmellow has established its presence in Ekkamai. This area has a vibrant and youthful community of creatives eager to prove themselves. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong, making the coworking spaces here a perfect place to meet likeminded people and find all the resources required to successfully bring passion projects to life. 

Why Mashmellow

Whether you are looking to organize an event or desire a suitable space for a design project, Mashmellow has all you need. We have created a conducive environment where members can comfortably mingle and share ideas, or seclude themselves and focus on their work. This mix helps ensure you get the most out of your workday and workspace. 

We offer all the amenities you would find in a formal office environment including high-speed Wi-Fi, a choice of private offices, coworking spaces, and meeting rooms. Clients also have access to nap rooms where they can take a break and rest when they need to. This can be particularly helpful in getting reenergized and restore focus.  You can also take a breather by going up to the rooftop to enjoy the panoramic views of the area. A snack area is available on both floors. It makes for a great place to peacefully enjoy something to eat and drink, and socialize and network with others. 

Why Ekkamai

Bangkok offers many excellent locations in which you can choose to work and live. This is what makes it one of the most attractive destinations for ex-pats in Asia. Ekkamai stands out from the crowd for its laidback attitude that has appealed to many creatives.

Though less glamorous and busy than its famed neighbour, Thonglor, Ekkamai does have a burgeoning community of ex-pats and locals who call it home. There are plenty of mid-upper apartments available for young Thai and ex-pat professionals. The spillover effect from Thonglor’s booming real estate growth has attracted investors to its neighbour. Luckily, condo prices are more affordable than Thonglor, yet will a similar standard of amenities. 

Ekkamai is also known to be quite the foodie haven thanks to the excellent variety of both local and international eateries with menu options at varied price points. Bustling bars and cafes also make for exciting nightlife. With a BTS Skytrain station in the vicinity, you have easy access and affordable transport to and from other parts of the city. You also get good road transport links via Sukhumvit and Phetchaburi. 

The Bottom Line

Coworking has been found to help boost productivity, reduce overhead costs, encourage diversity, increase wellbeing, and promote a sense of community. Rather than work alone at home, or feel pressured to run a formal office, strike a balance by opting for co-working. Ekkamai offers a great location in which to both live and work, with Mashmellow making the choice simpler with its facilities. Bring your start-up ideas to life in a nurturing environment that will see your business grow from strength to strength.

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