Coworking Spaces In The Time Of Covid

Coworking Spaces In The Time Of Covid

The Covid pandemic has done much to change how businesses operate. To support efforts aimed at reducing the spread, they have sought to decongest workspaces by embracing the work-from-home model and social distancing behavior.

With businesses now realizing the cost-saving benefits of remote working, it seems likely that this practice may become a permanent rather than temporary change. 

While coworking spaces have also taken a bit of hit during this period, trends indicate that this may soon change and with good reason.

Remote Not Isolate

Being able to avoid infection and safeguard the health of loved ones have been key reasons many workers have been content to operate from home. The social isolation and lack of camaraderie have however proven to be negatives. Without colleagues you can talk to, whether socially or work-related, many experience loneliness that can affect mental health. Even with workmates only being a phone or video call away, it is never quite the same. 

Having periods where you can meet up with colleagues in coworking spaces helps to reduce this impact. Even if just for a few hours a day, a few days a week, this chance to interact and connect with others in the same physical space can prove beneficial to the health and performance of employees.

Limiting Distractions

Even in a busy office environment, people are often able to focus. They become accustomed to certain noises and disruptions like machines running and footsteps down the hallway. The noises, smells, and distractions of home are however different and can drastically affect productivity. While playful kids and pets can make for a fun TikTok video, they do not encourage much focus. 

Though often laidback, coworking spaces make for a more conducive work environment. They provide the right atmosphere to focus on tasks and projects that require concentration. They also encourage better collaboration for teams needing to reach urgent goals and deadlines.

Cost Saving Rentals

Businesses have long had to take up multiyear leases on their premises. With coworking arrangements, they now have access to more flexible and shorter-term arrangements. Companies are still trying to navigate the impact of the pandemic and figure out what kind of remote working measures will best suit their operations and employees. 

This will mean a long period of trial and error as they work out how to split teams and arrange for meet-ups. Coworking spaces make for a favorable environment that can accommodate this without the high costs associated with long leases, buying furniture, installing networks, and more.

Cost Saving Rentals

Coworking offices tend to provide varied options in terms of sizing. This means that businesses can reroute their staff to such facilities and easily arrange for a suitable amount of space that will comfortably accommodate whatever size of team or department, while still meeting social distancing requirements. 

As business needs grow or diminish, projects end and others begin, businesses can scale up or down their office space accordingly within these locations. With many businesses being in flux during this turbulent time, this flexibility helps them to meet their needs without entering into complex and expensive lease arrangements, or having to reconfigure their office space.

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