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Daring The Future

Co Working Space Bangkok

We here at Mashmellow are aiming to give you the best environment to work, generate new ideas and develop projects in a creative atmosphere. Whether you require a private office in Ekkamai, Bangkok or are happy to work amongst the best and newest co working spaces in Bangkok. At Mashmellow, we aim to be a one-stop destination for “mashing” ideas in a “mellow” environment. Our goal is to help young businesses and entrepreneurs kick off their journey and grow through our strong but welcoming platform, networking base and productivity hub. We dream to be the place that helps you develop your inspirations and make them into something that will shape the world. Our work hard/play hard environment and mentality is something we want you to be addicted to. Are you ready to do something epic? Then prove it.


Private Offices


We have a great range of private offices in Bangkok from 3 up to 10 people capacity.

Meeting Rooms

We provide 2 meetings rooms, one on each floor with unlimited usage for our customers!

Coworking Space

An outstanding Coworking space environment is provided across 2 floors in the heart of Ekkamai!

Location / Local Area

Everyone knows that Thonglor is so mainstream. That’s why we’ve set up camp one street away in Ekamai, Thonglor’s cooler, less in-your-face next door neighbour. Right at the heart of Bangkok’s hippest neighbourhood, we sit amongst a line of awesome coffee shops, bars, restaurants and trendy local fashion stores. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, this street is what makes us know Bangkok and its people are onto something amazing.

Heading Over? Don't Worry, We've Got You Sorted On Parking,

So feel free to drive directly here. Otherwise, we’re also a nice stroll away from the Ekamai BTS station.
Check out the map below for further directions or give us a call at 088-987-9565​

Why It’s Time To Return To The Office

The last couple of years saw many organisations compelled to adopt a work from home formula. However, now with infection rates dropping and borders reopening, more want to get their employees back in the office environment. For those that run their own businesses, there is more freedom to choose where to work and shifting to private office rentals also makes sense.

Working in a shared space with others gives people a sense of community and social identity. For many, having an office they feel they should report to also helps give them a greater feeling of purpose and more to look forward to given the social interactions with others.

Even though private offices provide a dedicated space to work away from others, the fact that you share facilities and a more official work environment with other neighbouring professionals is less isolating and great for our wellbeing. While technology has been helpful, it does not fully compensate for a lack of face-to-face interaction that is healthier and reduces fatigue.

While working in the same office for rent Ekkamai tenants get to promote their social capital. The direct interactions, even if not work-related, help to boost mental function and cognitive performance. The stimulation of conversation helps to heighten our senses as listening, speech and thought processes are more active than when working alone at home.


Reasons to Rent Office Space in Bangkok

Working from home can seem a tempting arrangement, but for several reasons, you should rather consider renting a private office. Even if your business is a one-man operation, you reap greater rewards from working in a more formal and communal environment. The social isolation that comes from working from home can affect your cognitive function and general health.

There is a mental boost that comes from engaging with others, no matter how briefly or superficially through the day. It becomes easier to stay creative and productive for longer when working alongside others. The ability to build social connections is also mentally and emotionally beneficial.

For a coworking office for rent Bangkok residents can look forward to highly affordable rates and are less stressful experience than renting an entire office. All the furniture and general office equipment you would need are availed as part of the deal, meaning you simply need to arrive with your laptop and you are good to go. Facilities like resting areas and cafeterias are also often accessible so you can take a break when you need to.

Many also provide meeting spaces so if you need to collaborate with other professionals or host meetings with clients, there is a suitable setting to arrange this. The layouts are also often varied, allowing for flexibility in determining whether you want a dedicated office or just a desk. This can also help to better fit the office space you need into your budget.



What to Look for in A Shared Workspace?

There are many shared or coworking spaces to choose from in Bangkok. To help in finding the right one for your business, be sure it has the amenities and facilities you need. To begin with, look at the kind of desk and chair you are going to get. There are different designs and depending on the nature of your work, you may require more than the normal setup. You may also want lockable drawers if you intend to bring in other paperwork or personal effects for safekeeping when away from your desk.

If you prefer to have a little privacy, you will need to consider the layout of the offices. Some providers have dedicated private offices or cubicles that can provide reasonable privacy when you want to work in a communal atmosphere but still want some seclusion.

Given how hot Bangkok weather can be, you will also definitely want a space with good air conditioning so you can work in relative comfort. Check on what facilities there are that will allow you to enjoy your downtime. From office kitchens and cafeterias to rest spaces and outdoor gardens, ensure there are places you can go to for respite when you need it.

When looking for an office for rent Sukhumvit tenants should also factor in cost. With so many options and considering whatever limited budget you have to work with, it is reasonable to conduct some comparison shopping to ensure you are getting a competitive rate for the office space.


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